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It's end of 2020!

During this video blog I share about our manuscript submission window, which starts March 1, 2021. Every single year we open our submission window from March 1 -August 1. My name is Nury Castillo Crawford, I launched 1010 Publishing from my love of reading and my desire to increase the representation of underrepresented authors. Our world is diverse and our books should be to.

Some of my personal tips on submitting a manuscript are as follows:

  1. RESEARCH. One of the most important variables for your success in having your mansucript accepted is doing your research. Check out our website; check out our social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter). Get to know us and see what we are all about. Are we the right match for you? You don't have to be bilingual, but how do you feel about books being available in other languages?

  2. NETWORK. Yup! Even amidst Covid19 you need to connect with other writers that love the genre that you love. Learn from their experiences and perhaps share some of your knowledge too.

  3. FORMAT. Follow the guidelines the press is asking you to follow when submitting your manuscript.

  4. EDIT. This is imperative. Especially since some publishing houses do not require an agent or literary attorne, therefore you need to invest in your own work. We offer some services to authors, on a case by case request. Make sure you have your mansucript edited for content, and technical issues too.

  5. COVER LETTER. When you write your cover letter make sure it shares YOUR WHY. It could definitely be a defining variable. Share your passion and make sure it reflects what your story is about.

  6. POLICIES. Learn what the important rules the press follows. For example, do they want you to mail in the manuscript or do you email them your manuscript?

Good luck!!! Connect with us about any questions you may have.

REMEMBER to send in pictures of you with our books and if you read one of our books please leave us a review on GoodReads and Amazon.

Thank you!!


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