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Get your manuscript ready for submission!

It is that time of the year, when we start getting ready to submit those manuscripts. Listen to Nury Castillo Crawford as she shares some wisdom with us about how to prepare your manuscript before submission. First things first, you have to find someone who doesn't absolutely LOVE you, yet likes to read. This person will provide you with feedback that you really need to hear, not one that your nana would give you.

In addition, a great reminder to all of the writers out there, 1010 Publishing will be accepting manuscripts from March 1 - August 1. Be sure to join our blog by asking questions and letting us know what you would like to learn more about. You can definitely check out our past video blogs and learn a thing or two as well.

If you are wondering why there is a paradise on the background, well I was in Hawaii during the holiday break and could not get enough of it. I plan on visiting again soon. In the meantime, I have other places to visit (and yes I have already bought flights to all of them). If I'm lucky I will get to do some last minute traveling too.

Keep reading and keep writing!



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