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Spanning the Literary Spectrum

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Lynn Shebat, Author

Narrative Non-Fiction

A riveting story of autism told by a mother, teacher, and advocate of children on the spectrum. Lynn shares both the story of her daughter from birth, to diagnosis to life's commitment to supporting, as well as the labor of love towards her students. The book is available in English and Spanish. Connect with Lynn on all of 1010 Publishing's social media platforms.


Daisy Torres, Author

Children Realistic Fiction

Many of us have loved a pet or know someone who has. Daisy tells a loving and relevant story of a boy and his dog. Losing a loved one is not easy. This bilingual, children's book is a perfect resource for families and schools. It is slated to be released on November 2019. Bilingual: English and Spanish.

Diep's Image 2019.jpg

A story inspired by Diep Nguyen

Children Realistic Fiction

This collaboration between Diep Nguyen and Nury Castillo Crawford is one that supports the culturally responsive pedagogy philosophy that all children should be reflected in the books that are made available to them. A story based on the true story of the Boat People. An era in history where Vietnamese people had to flee their own country to survive. A great addition to any classroom to support a culturally responsive learning environment. The book will be available in a bilingual format, Vietnamese and English. Connect with Diep via all of 1010 Publishing social media platforms.


Nury Castillo Crawford, Author

Children Realistic Fiction and Educational

Nury's debut book was published on Dec. 2017, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl". A beautifully illustrated book about a little girl's journey to the USA from South America. Nury is a veteran educator and is currently part of her school district's leadership team. She is an advocate for equity in education and believes in the power of a positive learning environment that supports the respect and appreciation of all children. She supports bilingual literature and knows the power in helping children embrace their unique culture, language and background. Nury's second book is about parental empowerment book. It is available now- English and Spanish versions. It meets Title I Parent Engagement and literacy standards.


Victoria Chen, Author

Children Realistic Fiction

Victoria currently resides in the Atlanta Metro area. Her family is unique in that she has roots from both Panama and Japan. She is originally from Panama City, Panama. Her children's book will be bilingual in English and Spanish.


Martha Alanis, Author

Children Realistic Fiction

Martha is a dedicated educator whose family roots originate in Mexico. Her unique immigration story reflects a story that's familiar with many people who emigrate to the USA from Mexico.

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Maritere Rodriguez Bellas, Author

Children Realistic Fiction

Maritere is an award-winning author, parenting topic expert, speaker, featured
writer, podcaster, and social media influencer. Her upcoming book and her first one with 1010 Publishing will be released soon! She has been an advocate for bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural education for over 10 years.


Duane Carlos Crawford, Author

Children Realistic Fiction

Duane Carlos Crawford is an up and coming author and a Senior at Georgia State University. He is a Film and Media major with a minor in English. Being of mixed descent--his father is African-American and his mother a Hispanic immigrant--Duane possesses a unique perspective on race in modern America.

Jerry G. White-Author Photo-Photo Credit-Carl King-91020.JPG.jpg

Jerry G. White, Author

Children's Fables

Jerry G. White is an African American actor, percussionist, songwriter, screenwriter, singer, and an avid runner. "Anansi and the colorful kente cloth" is his debut children's book.


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Stack of Magazines

Our Latest Book Appearances

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Michael & Joi in the Morning

An interview focusing on immigrant children, the support they need and the ultimate sacrifices families make to live the American dream.


AJC Article

Sam Diaz Roberts interviews Nury about her book and her journey to the USA. Check out the article using htis link

Person Writing

1010 Publishing would like to officially welcome....

This calendar year we will release a children's book, in both English and Spanish versions by Carissa Musialk, "A Dormir, A Soñar"  We will also release our first book ever in English and French!!!  "Little Blue Shoe" by Candace Meredith.

PLUS a novel by Andrew Diaz, titled, " THE GUAVA TREE"

Stay tuned for release dates.

Nury Castillo Crawford

CEO/ Founder 1010 Publishing

Business Breakfast

The Red&Black

A huge shout-out to Jordan Meaker for writing a great piece on Nury for Athens' UGA campus newspaper.

Zooming on Tablet


A social media group made up of female immigrants in the USA. A cohort of positive support!



The state station, GPB interviews Nury about her journey, her ups and downs and most of all the support from her family and community.

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