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The Story Behind the Story... 2023

Once upon a time in 2019, in a small office filled with dreams and the love for storytelling, 1010 Publishing was born!

Our journey began with a visionary educator who knew the transformative power of literacy and believed in the magic of words. As an immigrant, she had experienced the richness of biculturalism and bilingualism firsthand. With a heart bursting with passion, she set out to make a difference.

Our very first chapter was dedicated to crafting bilingual books that celebrated the beauty of languages and cultures. Each page was a bridge connecting people across borders, and our stories resonated with those who craved the richness of diverse voices.

Fast forward to 2022, and our story took a thrilling twist! We expanded our horizons, adding a second pillar to our tale - the world of literary consulting. Now, our services embraced writers of all kinds, whether they dreamed of bilingual masterpieces or had different stories to tell.

Our consultants became the guiding stars, illuminating the path for writers with personalized support. No longer solely focused on bilingualism, our mission now added our reach to champion every writer's unique needs, ensuring their stories saw the light of day.

With every turn of the page, 1010 Publishing evolved into a place where literary dreams found their home, where voices from all backgrounds could rise, and where the power of words transformed lives.

Join us in this enchanting journey! Whether you're a bilingual wordsmith or a writer seeking a helping hand, 1010 Publishing is here to make your literary dreams come true.

Let's write the next chapter together! #1010Publishing#StorytellingMagic#BiculturalVoices

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