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For us writers... here at 1010 Publishing it is our version of March Madness!!!

Yes- it is coming up on our busiest time of the year. Here we are on our 4th year and it is personally almost unbelievable. What started as a challenge to myself has turned my entire life around. Well, mostly, you see I am a life-long educator and through this small press I still help educate others. There is so much work to be done, so doing my small part is just a drop in the bucket.

You see, to me it is something I feel does not need a trendy hashtag or even a highlight on the national news... ensuring that everyone and for me children, can see themselves in a book or other media resources is important. I grew up not seeing any of that and though I think I turned out fairly okay, I do not think it was right. You know what we say, when we know better we do better. So no judgement or regrets, we just do our part to make things better. That is how I started 1010 Publishing. I wanted to help elevate books and authors of books that were written in other languages. Our country is filled with diversity- in every sense of the word. Language is just one of those, so I help with that part. I started with my focus in Spanish, of course! I am a proud Latina and a bilingual /biliterate woman. As we have grown we have added other languages such as Korean, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and this year we will add FRENCH! I am super excited and cannot wait to introduce you to our new authors...(hint check out our AUTHORS tab on this website).

Our manuscript submission window launches March 1, 2022. Good luck! Please be patient and I wish you the BEST!!! No matter what, go after your dream and do not allow anyone to determine YOUR own potential.




1010 Publishing


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