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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed your break and are ready to make things happen in 2018!!! I'm super excited about this year and all of the amazing things that are bound to come to fruition. This month is busy for me, I have a couple interviews and one meeting for the book already scheduled. I also have one special school visit to make on January 17. So...Shout out to Dacula Elementary School!!!! Thank you a million times for the invitation and support.

My first day back at school was FREEZING but still awesome! I always enjoy seeing all of my friends at work. We got lots done and are ready for the kiddos (who run the world) tomorrow.

Here's wishing you the VERY best 2018 has to offer! Be a little kinder, love a little more and forgive a lot! Let's keep it moving.

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