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What do you know about Puerto Rico?

Well first of all it's an island which currently happens to be a territory of the United States of America. Normally I would say that if you ever feel like having some tropical beach paradise time you should visit Puerto Rico and you don't even need a passport. Except now...because Hurricane Maria has come full force and cause pain, suffering and havoc throughout the entire island.

Did you know Puerto Rico is translated into "Rich Port"? It's population is a bit over 3 million which is similar to Conneticut. When comparing it's size to a state in the USA, it's a bit smaller than Conneticut. The average farenheit temperature is highs mid 80s and lows mid about PERFECT!!!

It was originally claimed by Christopher Columbus in 1493 for Spain. Then in 1898, following the Spanish–American War, the United States acquired Puerto Rico along with other Spanish colonies under the terms of the Treaty of Paris.

Over the years, Puerto Ricans have voted in favor of becoming a formal state or its independence from the USA. Most likely because currently they do not have a vote in congress nor can they vote for vice president or president of the USA. Most recently, in a June 2016 report, the United Nations Special Committee called for the USA to expedite the process to allow self-determination in Puerto Rico. More specifically, the group called on the USA to expedite a process that would allow the people of Puerto Rico to exercise fully their right to self-determination and independence. Oh and just because the residents of Puerto Rico do not have a voice in federal matters (not allowed to have Congress representation) does not mean they do not have to obey federal laws, including military drafts...sounds weird right?!?

Residents also are eligible to receive "some" social security benefits and very minimal medicare benefits, although they do pay into both of these programs.

As it is right now, Puerto Rico has a debt of $72 billion and over 45% of it's population is on or below the poverty level.

Now that Hurricane Maria has hit the island not only killing 25 people; the island is partially submerged under water and has lost all power. Most people do not have access to water either. To add to the disastrous reality, after every natural disaster it seems that Puerto Rico falls more and more into debt.

I am not a guru in politics or economics, but I'm thinking that if it's part of the USA, then shouldn't Puerto Rico receive the attention all American citizens receive?

I have friends from Puerto Rico and all I can say today is, "Lots of prayers and love goes out to all of my Puerto Rican loved ones." Que Dios los bendiga.

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