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Aging... how do you feel about it?

As my birthday approaches, I have taken some time to reflect on age. To some people it really is just a number. To others it is a reminder of how the window of time for doing all of those things on their bucket list is getting smaller and smaller. To others, it is a time to be grateful for all of the experiences he or she has taken.

I would love to declare that I am on the third category...which by the way I am working on...but I know I've not completely fulfilled it. In recent years, I've been working on living and learning through experiences. Being able to say, "Well, I tried to _____, it just didn't work out." instead of "I wish I had tried _________". That's the difference between living a live of experiences vs living a life of regrets. Due to the fact that I am unapologetically a planner (take it as a good thing or bad is what it is) I am super cautious about things I engage in, I am always on the look out and planning and over planning. Guess what? That has not always worked out for the best. Now that I am older and wiser (ha ha ha!) I know I have missed out on many opportunities. When I was younger and missed out, I would proudly announce that I missed out by choice because no one could talk me in to things...which can be good, but other times not so much. For example, Senior Night at Disneyworld...all and I mean all of my friends lined up for a roller coaster and I was afraid. It looked much bigger than any I had ever been on, so I sat all alone on the bench right outside the roller coaster and waited for my friends. We were seniors so they did try to talk me into getting on the ride by calling me a chicken but it didn't work so I sat there feeling happy and safe. Now that I think about it, it would not have killed me to ride it. I might have thrown up but then I'd have a crazy story to tell. Now the only thing I remember about that night, so long ago, is that I didn't ride the roller coaster with my friends.That's a little story amidst all that has happened in life, but I think you get the picture.

Not so long ago I was talking with a young lady, she's in her thirties so she's young to me. She shared how she wished she was in her twenties because there was so much she still hadn't done. I immediately thought, "Oh heck no!". I most certainly do not wish to be back in my twenties. I have no regrets about my twenties or even my thrities. I definitely don't have regrets of my childhood days because my parents were all over those years. Things and experiences I thought I wanted then, but was limited due to my dad's reign (yeah kinda like a king) I now know it was best I didn't. So I am 100% sure I am not one of those people who wish to go back in time because the bucket list is not complete.

What about those people that say, "Age is nothing, but a number"? What does that really even mean? Maybe it means that you keep being yourself regardless of your age. That you don't live by the rules of your age, but maybe the rule of how you feel. My sister might not agree with that especially when it comes to fashion. I might agree a little with her too. Don't get me wrong I want people to be a little weird, because that makes them unique. I want people to be happy because happiness start with oneself, but there are some people like myself that have zero business wearing tight leggins like they're pants at Publix or goodness forbid at work.

So shout out to all the Virgos out there! Happy birthday month! Be yourself, everyone else is taken!! Live life to the fullest, each and every single day. You might not get a chance to do so if you don't. Be happy, weird and GRATEFUL!

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