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How much do YOU read?

How much do you read a month? a year? It is recommended by some, including the Pew Research Center, that children should read about 50 books per year, which includes being read to, flash cards, back of cereal boxes, etc.

By the time children transition into teen years, these older children should read about 1.9 books per month, so that's about 20-24 books annually. This includes all genres including comics, magazines, and even social media.

In 2011, 79% of adults read at least one book per year. By 2015 only 72% of adults read at least one book per year.

Did you know affluent, educated women read more than men? In addition, the older you get the more likely it is you will read a book. When compared to the rest of the world, the USA reads less. People in India, China, and Thailand read the most, respectively.

My oldest's son favorite genre is historical fiction. He likes to read. My middle son likes comedy and biographies most, this summer during some of our trips I bought him about 20 books. When flying home from Los Angeles the TSA chose his bag to open. It was hilarious because they thought perhaps he had questionable items within the books. They opened his luggage and started flipping through the books. Of course they found nothing but words and one of the guys said, "You sure do like to read." To that I replied, "Yep!" My son ignored the comment, I don't think he thought it was funny at all. My youngest son has always been more of a non-fiction reader. He never even liked the Harry Potter series, most kids loved that series. He likes to read about history, science, and anything that actually happens or is true.

Some statistics show that company CEOs read about five books per month — which is four to five times higher the number of books an average person reads in a year. I'm not a CEO, but on average I might fall into this category.

Where do you fall in the statistics? How many books per year do you read? I read most of my books in the summer, I can read one to three books per week. I read when at the airport and during flights, at the beach, in car rides and even poolside. Tablets or in print, books can take you anywhere and like a teacher told me today, "Books don't just open your mind, books can BROADEN your mind and strengthen you like nothing else can."

Where do you read? What's your favorite genre?

Wherever and whatever you read...enjoy!

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