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Let's get ready for the holidays!

7 Marketing tips to help you get started

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Today I want to share some tips as you prepare to get ready for this holiday season.

  1. Social media can be a huge asset to you, especially if you've been diligent about growing your audience and staying connected. One of the easiest ways to stay connected is to use relatable and timely hashtags. Here are some to consider as you get started:

2. Coordinate with Other Authors: Connect with other authors and support each other on promotional campaigns. Obviously you won't sell sand at the beach; but you can support each other by sharing ideas, sharing each others' posts, etc.

3. Create your own 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Think of ways you can engage your readers and attract new ones. Perhaps with the purchase of your book, they get a free themed bookmark or postcard. Another fun idea for children's books could be a coloring page or two based on the book. If you have a romance book, you could send a small beaded bracelet. The list is limitless, you just have to get creative.

4. Create a coupon

Perhaps do a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE; it is super popular. Another one that customers like is FREE SHIPPING.

5. Book Review

It's a great time to connect with readers and ask them to send you book reviews. You can share them on social media and your website; this can inspire others to connect with you too! If they add it to Amazon, even better! You need at least 50 reviews to note a difference in your sales.

6. Bookstore / Library

Connect with a local bookstore or library to present an author reading. The more you get out there, the more opportunities to connect with readers.

7. Giveaway

Create a themed basket to give-away!

I hope these tips help you get ready for the winter holiday season.

-Nury Castillo Crawford


1010 Publishing


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