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So you have a story, now what?

October is finally here! Wow! Has this year just passed us by or what? Fall weather is creeping in even here in the South. Time to get your cozy sweaters out or if you're like me buy a couple new ones so it doesn't make you feel like you're wearing hand me downs...hahaha! Maybe that's just me.

This month I have four points of conversation, the first one being that lots of people want to know what to do when they have a story in their head and want to write it down. Well my advice is quick and pretty simple if I do say so myself:

1. Voice- Yup! Use your own voice. Think of who your audience is and then proceed to start telling your story. Aloud first, maybe record it.

2. Be emotionally honest- that might sound weird, but what I mean is don't worry about hurting others feelings, or worrying about if others will take it the wrong way. Just tell your story how you are feeling it. Trust me there will be plenty of opportunities to edit. Your publisher (maybe me) will love to dissect it and you will learn to hate him or her (maybe me again) okay I digressed, just tell it- honestly.

3. Remember YOU (stop looking around)...YOU are the storyteller. Again, tell the story like you want to tell it. It's your version. It's your memory- your version, your interpretation.

4. Draft out the sequential order of your story. It can be very broad to start with. Write down the beginning (where and who) and then the apex (the big thing that happens whether good or bad) and the does it end?

Next thing I want to share is that we are actively looking for guest bloggers.

a) read one of OUR books

b) write 2-3 paragraphs about the book, what is it about, how you felt about the story, and how effectively you think the story was written, and anything else you want to share.

c) submit your blog, headshot of yourself, and short bio (3-4 sentences), and how readers can connect with you

d) if your submission is chosen, we will contact you

BOOK RELEASE is October 10 at 6PM on FB LIVE for Duane Carlos Crawford's book, "100% Me". Help us support this young author and support this event!

The very next day on October 11 four of our authors will be at

Plaza de Las Americas

733 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lilburn

1-5 pm (get there early)

We will practice social distancing and please wear a mask.

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