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August- virtual book release party!

Virtual Book Release Party:

1. Plan it for a weekday, such as Wednesday or Thursday

2. One and a half hours or even two hours

3. SPREAD the word. Email.Eventbrite.All social media get the picture. This is the time where you will get to see who your supporters are.

4. Have you tried ? It's a website where you can create amazing professional looking banners and flyers. Try it! Of course you can pay a graphic designer to create one just for you- it's definitely worth it.

5. Don't forget to send several reminders- a few weeks out, then a few days until and of course the day of.

You could sell tickets to your event. One ticket=one signed book. Lots of authors love this strategy - you could give it a try!

When you're setting up your space, make sure to have lots of books in the background/surrounding. Of course you need some of your books too. Add some of your book posters and even cute cut-out of your book or characters in your book.

You should have a set of friends come up with questions to keep the momentum.

Don't forget to answer and reply to all comments. It would be cool to have a musical guest or even a drawing to win a bookmark or a shoutout to their class (if they are teachers).

Some authors have included a BYOB, so guests can have their own drinks during the event. Last but not least, test your technology before the event.

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Until August 15 we have a contest. Go ahead and tell us in 50 words or less why being bilingual is your super power.

Don't forget to help us share our blog and connect with us!

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