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Two new releases!!!

It's July 1 and therefore we are officially ONE month away from our final mansucript submission window...if you've not heard from us please excuse our tardiness, we have been quite busy.

We do want to to remind you that if you are rejected it doesn't mean it should be the end of the road for you. Your voice, your story, your journey might not be the right fit for every publishing press, whether big or small. Just keep submitting and do not allow anyone to deter you from your goal of being a published author.

Victoria Chen's book was released late last month- a huge CONGRATS to her her!!! Check out "Escaping the Red Guard: The Journey of Fong Yee'. It is a great story about a little boy escaping China and landing in no other place than Panama!

We are also elated in anticipation of Martha Alanis' debut bilingual children's book!!! The release date is August 1, 2020. The sweet story of a little girl born in the USA emigrating to Mexico and then back...find out what happens in her journey. A book many little ones can relate to personally or via parents' stories.

Make sure to help us share our blogs and we would love to have your review of our FB page and all of our author's books on Amazon and Goodreads too. See you in social media world!



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