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Two easy marketing tips!

Well June is upon us... here's a poem from my heart to yours...

He is sooooo cute- they say

He is sooooo smart- they say

He is sooooo fast- they say

He is two.

the color of his skin is that of warm cinnamon

his hair is just like Jesus' that of lamb's wool

look at his little round face-it is that of a cherub

oh those little hands are plump and a little clumsy

running after his ball he wobbles a little

his hugs and kisses are warm and I swear they tell me

He loves me

He needs me

He trusts me

Please don't grow up.

How can I show you I love you if I can't be there if you need me in the dark or light, in the city, at home or just jogging? How can you trust me to protect you? I love you, please don't grow up. Stay right here with me. I will be here when you need me, see? You don't have to go anywhere. Don't you trust me? I wouldn't tell you a lie.








They won't think you're cute, or smart or even fast enough.

---Nury Castillo Crawford

I wanted to share that poem I wrote with you. It's really it's first draft, but it's how I'm feeling. Did you know I have three Afro-Latino sons? My oldest is married, with a wife and a little one running around. My second oldest just graduated from college, and the "baby" is entering his junior year in college. They're nothing but extraorinary. They are SO smart, SO nice, SO kind, and SO caring...yeah I'm their mom but others would agree with me. All I ask each of us is to pause and think about what our actions and our THOUGHTS dictate how we interact with others.

Okay- now to our regularly scheduled blog...two marketing tips for authors is to create a Goodreads profile page and an Amazon Author page. Do our best to be consistent in checking in both from time to time. Plus if you have a social media account or multiple ones, you have to remember that the key word is SOCIAL. You have to interact and make sure when you post or comment that you remember you are leaving your business card with them. You're a writer so write!

I would also like to share that Victoria Chen's bilingual, children's book " Escaping the Red Guard: The Journey of Fong Yee" will be released on June 27. Victoria is a new author and I would encourage everyone to get to know her. Help us share about her new book!

Last but not least, I encourage you to submit your manuscript before August 1! We are always looking for books written by diverse authors with diverse topics. Our books need to reflect the world around us.

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