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February's Blog

It's Black History Month: Everyone must be acknowledged and given credit for all of their contributions to this country.

"If you have some power then it's your job to empower somebody"- Toni Morrison; she's one of my favorite authors. An African American literary genius I loved her writing. I didn't have any Latino writers when I was young. Everyone needs to see themselves in the books they read or have access to.

I hope you have a chance to implement a fact or task to celebrate Black History Month.

Here's this month's tip: You need an editor before submitting your manuscript to any publishing house. At 1010 Publishing we do offer services but you do NOT have to use our services for editing- you can use whomever you hire. Most children's books are $300-$350 for the entire project. That equals to about $10 per hour.

Many other service providers charge up to $40 per hour. So we are a bargain compared to some other service providers.

We are one month away from our submission window!!! Mark March 1, 2020 on your calendar.

Our authors are eager and excited to be invited to your school! Email us at to inquire about visits. We will be launching a marketing campaign this month, so let us know if you'd like us to "snail" mail some information to your school.

Have an amazing day!!!!

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