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A tip or two for authors (plus where 1010 Publishing will be in the next week or so)

Happy Saturday! I can't even believe we are in September. I know you don't know but I celebrate my birthday all month long...actually I pretty much celebrate my life all year long- but that's another story for another time.

Another reason for my excitement is that Hispanic Heritage Month begins in just one day! Yay!!! I actually love celebrating everyone's culture, after all it is part of what makes each of us unique, all year long. I will note that it is not reflected among everyone so until it is we will continue to share cultures independently (in their own month) the way "we" is me.

Tip of the Month: Be patient

When you submit your manuscript you're obviously interested in having your book published by a company. Since that's the case, do not allow a rejection or a time frame of waiting to deter you from doing so. It's okay to be rejected and it's even better if you receive feedback on how to improve. We have personally given feedback to writers and instead of trying to listen and learn, we have had some writers just become upset and continue to submit as if magically it would be accepted the second or third time around even though nothing was changed on their end. All of that to reiterate that patience is a virtue and most writers have some within them. We live in a world of instant gratification, but writers cannot live in that world. We have to be patient and allow the process to take place. Good luck writers!!!! Our submission window opens up March 1, 2020.

Here's where we will be in the upcoming weeks:

September 26- Lilburn Public Library in Lilburn, GA

October 2- Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA

October 6- Lilburn Middle in Lilburn, GA

October 11- GSU Latinx Authors Panel in Atlanta, GA

October 26 - GA TESOL Conference in Suwanee, GA

Be on the look out for our next two books!!!

I'll See You on the Bridge by Daisy Torres

Sofia & Vivi: Big Sister by Nury Castillo Crawford

Have an amazing rest of your day and connect with us on social media!!!

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