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Get to know our featured author: Lynn Shebat

I'm super glad you're taking a moment to get to know Lynn. Lynn is a pasionate mom and educator. She loves her children both her own and the ones she helps nourish, engage and guide on a daily basis at school. Here Lynn shares a little bit about herself, get to know Lynn. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Insagram. Get to know her and help her as she leaps into this new journey of being a published author. 1010 Publishing is proud to have Lynn as part of the familia. Her bilingual book is a composite of advice and short stories of her challenges and successess as both a mom and educator.

From Lynn:

I am not a planner. I am a dreamer. I am a person that remembers what laughter from my soul feels like, when spending time with a good friend. I seek that out. I always wanted to work with children. I didn’t know in what capacity always, but special children also caught my interest from when I was a kid myself. Various experience through neighbors, or church, gave me opportunity as a young person to learn about them. They had my interest, and my dedication, but they never had my sympathy. For I didn’t see any reason to not to speak them as any other young friend. We were equal.

Obviously, that was a youthful interpretation of a child with a disability, but it was that relationship that made me dream of how I would work with children less able than myself, when I grew up. I read many books about difficult cases of children from abuse, poverty, and mental illness, as a teenager. I felt a fierceness within my young soul that I could help advocate for those that needed my fire, and a love.

Years later, in college, I chose to get a degree in Special Education. It was a perfect fit.

I have been teaching in this field ever since, and it’s been an amazing journey that I continue with, enjoying more blessed days in the classroom than I ever imagined. Not all days are blessed, it is a tough job at times, but overall, I am in my perfect place.

Dreams are good, and acting on those dreams like I did with a purposeful plan on how that dream would come worked out for me because I am one of those lucky people that get to work in their passion.

Destiny is something a little more mysterious. In all my perfect planning for my career, I never imagined that a day would come and I would change roles from teacher to mother of a child with autism.

A real dream is coming true for me in the writing of my first book. A thought for many years of the possibility has finally come to the surface. This book will be a snapshot of my life, planned and unplanned, beauty and heartbreak, as real as life can be. I open my heart, and my story to share with others to learn from my experience, and to support each other in the communities that we find ourselves us in without preparation.

Decades in the classroom, and almost two decades raising the muse of my life, my daughter, give me a front row seat to all that autism and other disabilities bring. I haven’t always known what to do in every situation, but I have learned so much. Join me in this journey.

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