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Let's make things happen!

Just like I promised I want to share the contact information for my book's artist.... his name is Demitrius "Motion" Bullock.

You can find him on FB and his phone number is 302-883-7371 and his email address is

An interesting stat I looked over this week is that Hispanics/ Latinos have one of the smaller unemployment ratios here in Georgia. Simultaneously though, the mean income earned is $21,000 annually. There's a lot of room to grow from there. One of those ways to support is through GALAS: Georgia Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents. Through education and hard work young students and young adults will be able to faciliate their own success. I'm super happy I was able to touch base with Harvey, GALEO and Eli, The Latin American Association. I am hopeful we will be able to collaborate and help the youth move forward.

A little publishing talk, this week is all about the book cover. A book cover can be your hook. Your book will have to compete with professional artists and traditional publishing companies so it has to stand out, you don't really have a choice. Make sure that it is in your priority list. Next week we will discuss other non-negotiables when it comes to having your literary works come to fruition.

I spent a little over an hour with Marc Medley and his Saturday morning show "The Reading Circle" @readingcircle01 on Twitter. Plus this Friday I will be engaging with Winder Elementary School...I'm super excited about connecting with these young minds and sharing my story.

Last but not least, did you see The Black Panther? That movie has already broken box office records so don't hesitate go out and see it!

I hope to connect with more of you. Share my blog and be sure to contact me via:


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See you soon!!!

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