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Book covers! Time to choose an artist.

I really do believe that a book's book cover, especially in children's books are very important. Demitrius "Motion" Bullock is the illustrator of my book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl"

Here's his email address:

and his phone number: 302-883-7371

A HUGE shoutout to him and his wife for helping me load my book on Amazon!

If you have purchased the book, please go on Amazon and share some feedback.

Did you know that some data pulled from 2015 from the Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin stated that 58 out of 3400 children's books were written by Hispanic/Latino authors AND 82 out of that same number 3400 children's books were about Latino/Hispanic characters.

Hit me up on with any questions you may have on publishing your book.

Last but not least, let's all brush up on our African American History.

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