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How can writing improve our health?

That's an odd question, right? I personally write because I like it. I'm a big communicator, ask anyone that knows me, I can talk. When I was a little girl, my mom would tell me that I talked a lot because I was so smart and couldn't keep all of that knowledge inside of me...bwahaha! Yeah, she was nice like that. But really, have you ever thought of the benefits of writing? Most of us educators already know putting pen to paper helps kids remember better. Well the same goes for adults, so writing helps you build your motor memory (that happens in your brain). In July 2013, TIME magazine did an article on a research done in New Zealand, where they had two groups of physically wounded people. One group was assigned extensive writing tasks and the other was not. They found out that the group who had extensive writing tasks healed faster...that was interesting!

In 2008 the the US National Library of Medicine reported that cancer patients who were assigned a weekly writing program for 7 years, the results concluded having a better outlook on their illness and eventually having a better quality of life.

Many people, including myself write things down that we are thankful for or write down positive lines. I do so on my daily calendar. Amidst all of the appointments, tasks, etc. I write down a positive line I heard or read about. Some come from students or teachers and some just come from my own thoughts. I think it's important to remind yourself daily of what you're thankful for. It helps keep things in perspective. If you constantly remind yourself of the good things happening in your life, you almost have no time to think of the hard times.

Writing my book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" helped me remember all of the great people who were supportive and loving when I first arrived in the USA. I picked up the phone, Googled away, found them on Facebook and called them.

So if you are feeling depressed or are encountering some anxiety, I suggest you find a writing pad and a pen...get to writing! Writing does the mind, body and soul GOOD!

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