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Do Words Have Power?

On average during a friendly conversation, an adult speaks about 110-150 words per minute. A woman speaks 20,000 per day and a man speaks 7,00 per day. I'm probably on top tier of that average (shrugs I know I can talk a only guess is that I have lots to say). Any way, this gets me to thinking that we all have an audience. Are we being responsible with that audience? Are we using our words wisely, in a positive manner OR are we tearing people down, allowing our immediate emotions direct our situations and stances; even our relationships?

There are times when we forget to LISTEN and PROCESS what we are receiving. We are quick to start thinking of our response, our retalitation, our counter argument and forget all about listening and perhaps processing and expanding our understanding of what others have to say. Inquiring further to try to understand our differences. Yes, you should stand on principles and morals of your own. I know I do, so it's only natural you do too, but if I've learned nothing else in life it's that people's opinions and perceptions are formed by their own experinces. You can't fault people for not walking in your shoes. You can only try to share and learn from them as well.

The MOST important variable in communication is listening and the MOST important thing to remember in communication is that the receiver / audience is listening. So what you say does matter. I always try to remind myself two things,: 1) It's not the message, but the deliver of the message that is most important. If you come across as being rude and condescending nobody, and I mean nobody wants to hear that. Some polite and patient folks might smile and pretend to listen to what you're saying, but really the respect is gone- if there ever was any. 2) Listen attentively not reactively. The three second rule helps here. I try to take at minimum three seconds to process before I respond. I am a "Work In Progress" each and every day.

So at the start of this new week, where we are bestowed a new opportunity to make a difference with every single person we come in contact with keep in mind the question at hand, " What kind of difference can I make with my words?"

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