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400,000 adults didn't read a book!

Well first of all let me clear that up... it's 400,00 adults didn't read a single book in 2016 in the country of New Zealand. I immediately thought..Wow! That's a lot of people or adults... I looked up the total population of New Zealand in 2016 and found it was 4,693,000. Out of that number about 76% were adults. So... that's about less than 1% of adults that didn't read - per the article 88% of adults did read a book. That's interesting.

I wondered how many adults did or did not read a book in the USA. I found from a Pew Research Study ( that 26% of adults in the USA did not read a book in 2016. That's a higher percentage than New Zealand.

I guess this is a great reminder to pick up a book and read! Do not contribute to the non-reader club.

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