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Who's the new kid?

I'm pretty sure most of us have asked that question or been around when the question was asked about a new student in the class. Have you ever been that new kid? How about being the new kid, not only in a new school but in a new country- a new continent? That sounds pretty scary huh? As I reminisce about my own journey to the USA, I can honestly say that the students at Mount Healthy Elementary in Columbus, Indiana; which is part of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation were pretty nice to me. This was about 37 years ago...yeah I know I'm telling my age and it seems like another life time ago, on the other hand I can recall that experience like it was yesterday. I walked in with both my parents, my aunt & uncle,

my little sister and my baby brother. The vice principal at that time smiled at my sister and and I. I tried to smile back, pushing back the tears and being brave enough not to show the immediate terror I felt inside. Everyone, and I mean everyone looked nothing like me. I understood nothing that came out of the vice principal's mouth. That's just the introduction on the day I was registered. Needless to say, the transition was a bit rough but because the teachers and students were kind I completed my first year in an American school without major incident. What about my little sister? Well... that's another story!

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