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How can you make someone's day?

I am feeling truly blessed this morning. I've been talking to different people over the last couple of days. I feel like friends are genuinely happy for my new endeavors! They share congratulatory love, share my story, call me and tell me how happy they are for me, etc.

I am super excited and nervous about the new book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl". I'm probably feeling nervous because it's such a personal story. It's my story. A little 10 year old girl, I knew nothing about living in the USA or speaking English. I actually didn't even know the word or phrase "OK". I recall so many situations and instances. Most were happy moments because I was with my family, but some were not so happy. I recall people trying to not understand my mom at the store. What do I mean by saying they were "trying not to understand"? Well I knew and still know that her accent was strong. But instead of smiling or giving hand signals or even just reflecting some patience they gave ugly looks, laughed (yes grown people laughing in our faces), and or dismissing us and walking away. These were people that worked at the stores. I don't hold any grudges but I make every effort to not be that ugly. I try to understand people whether they are having language barriers or intellectual ones. It's not nice to try and make people feel worse than you already know they feel. So today- Make Someone's Day!!!

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