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A Long Journey to Safety

A Long Journey to Safety… By: Diep Nguyen and Nury Castillo Crawford

Here is another great read to add to your culturally responsive library. It is a believable compassionate-inducing read about the Vietnamese people who departed from their country in search of a shielded harbor and a better way of life. The book resonates for many readers because it is written from the heart of the author. The author uses the experience of the Vietnamese people to portray a young boy who thrived in the midst of deprivation, fear, and uncertainty as he fought to survive traveling from a familiar place of despair to a foreign land of hope, prosperity, and safety. The book clearly depicts via both the illustrations and words the struggles of the young boy and his family as they attempt to weave the common threads of their language, customs, values, and beliefs into another countries’ language customs, values, and beliefs. While this definitely was no easy feat, the characters in the story were determined to win. This sense of winning connects to the heart of those readers who have had to leave their country for various reasons to begin a new life in another country.

A Long Journey to Safety can be retrieved at This book should be intentionally placed on all library shelves to include… schools, daycares, public libraries as well as home libraries because of its inclusiveness as well as authenticity. It is written in two languages allowing the reader to feel comfortable in one language and to be intrigued by another and will be a great asset to any bilingual book collection.

Veronica E. Wilson is a graduate of both Valdosta State University and Nova Southeastern University. She is a Literacy Coach, an entrepreneur, blogger, content creator, and influencer. Veronica teaches teachers how to teach primary students to read, comprehend, evaluate, and to form an opinion about literature.

Veronica, is also the founder of Everything has Beauty by Lady V. - where she helps to empower women through inspirational content and merchandise as well as encourages women to take care of themselves from the inside out. She sells Mary Kay skin care products to both women and men to help promote great skin care. She also sells wellness products that help both men and women maintain a healthy immune system. Veronica also participates in affiliating marketing for companies that sell athletic wear, jewelry, and high end women’s clothing. Veronica is managed by CHIC NYC @globalinfluenceragency.

Veronica serves on the board of directors for Enre Youth Academy. She is the director of administration. She supports the organization as they try to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial career paths and traditional ones.

Veronica lives with her children and husband in Georgia. Veronica believes that” everything becomes beautiful in its time, and gratitude brings high altitudes of success.” You can learn more about Veronica and what takes place in her brain by following her via her website https.//


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