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Let's dive right into July!

I don't know about you but July gave me nothing to complain about. I headed off to Arizona (who knew I'd like it there) and found out the Grand Canyon is named that for a reason!

Did you know that Native American tribes lived there for many years? It is majestic and beautiful. If you would like to see some pictures you need to check me out on social media.

So today I talked about our final day to submit manuscripts ... (drum roll please) = August 1!!!!! If you've not submitted your manuscript and you think you won't have time, do not worry there's always next March. Remember we accept manuscripts from March 1 to August 1. We focus and pride ourselves in publishing all literary works in a bilingual format.

Did someone say party?

August 1- Lynn Shebat is hosting her 2nd book release party.

Taco Tsunami

1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd Unit 855 Roswell, GA 30076


August 3- Diep Nguyen, myself and CPACS will host the book release party for "A Long Journey to Safety" a bilingual children's book...Vietnamese and English. I know- how cool is that? Diep is also the artist behind the illustrations in the book.

The time will be posted on social media so stay connected.

July 27: Helping Writers Become Authors

Suwanee Library

361 Main St.

Suwanee, Georgia 30024



Sofia and Vivi: Big Sister

A sequel to "3,585 MILES TO BE AN AMERICAN GIRL" will be released in December 2019. I am super proud and excited about this book. Of course it is bilingual: English and Spanish. It shares some facts about Peru and continues the story of Sofia and her new home= The USA.

Last but not least, do not fret the very next book by Nury will be a novel, featuring none other than a Latina girl headed to middle school. Draft 1 is done and ready for beta readers.

Help us connect with book lovers and others who love diversity in books.

Today's tip is focused on organization. In order to get things accomplished you must set time frames and due dates. Even if you don't always make the deadlines at least it gives you some parameters to follow. We all work well with a little structure. If writing and getting published is your dream, then stop making excuses and WRITE.

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