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Your monthly tip PLUS a free Q&A

 Hey guys! Be sure to stay connected to 1010 Publishing! We have lots of engaging events coming up.  We look forward to sharing more about our authors this year. I know you will find their content and literary works just as impactful and relevant as I do.

This month I'm super proud to share that my book, which will available in both English and Spanish will be released in March. It's a parent empowerment, engagement, involvement book. I share lots of tips, strategies and even short stories that are personal to me as an educator and mom of 3 cubs.

March 1, 2019- Yup! that's when we will begin accepting manuscripts. Get those ready!!!! In between now and the end of the submission window we will hold a couple Q&A sessions for anyone interested in publishing their book. Our first one is this Saturday in Lilburn, GA.  If you have been following us, then you will know where it is. Limited space.  We will definitely hold the next one closer to the city itself.  If you and your group of aspiring authors need one held closer to you...let us know by emailing us at

Remember to read lots of books, that's part of an author's research.  Find books in the genre your story is in and reflect each time.  Keep a journal.  Start by writing short stories. Always be open to feedback (it's not always easy to take, but we need it).

Shout out to all of the Beta Readers...we could not do this work without you!!!

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