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How can we help you publish your book?

Happy New Year!!! Okay so do you have a new year's resolution? or have you jumped on the #OneWord2019 bandwagon? I am pretty sure I'm late to the party, apparently this craze started last year...shrugs. Well I chose a word! Do you want to know what it is? #THRIVE

Yup! I want to thrive amidst all of the happy moments and the challenges. I want to thrive even after I fall down / make mistakes. I want to help others thrive too. Help others learn that part of growing and blooming into our potential is making mistakes, taking risks, and loving some people from afar. Who would of thought, a 10 year old girl, indigenous wearing two braids from Peru would be here today. A published author, CEO/Founder of 1010 Publishing, and Director of Academic Support for one of the largest and BEST- I might add- school districts in the nation.

So if you need me to push you along, to help you get up, to give you a shoulder to rest your I am.

Alright- enough of that for now. As you can see or maybe you can't...but if you've been following the posts, as you can see- the video blog looks a little different. Yes, I am going to thrive on blogs too. Watch. (I'm waiting). Any tips? Go ahead and tell (please) but be nice. Remember it's not what you have to say but more about how you say it. I want to do better. I want the videos to be engaging. Shout out to my friends who have done just that. My cubs too! They keep it real. Here's some of the feedback I've received so far:

1. Don't wear the glasses all of the time

2. Stand up

3. Talk like you're talking to a friend (less robot)

4. Music in the background

5. Flip the camera on it's side

Any thing else?

Every single month I'd like to share some tips for novice and maybe seasoned authors out there. What would you like to learn about? This month we are talking about the importance of builidng relationships way before your book is published. I call that group your tribe. Here are some ways to build your tribe:

1. Engage on social media

2. Blog

3. Help others

4. Embrace feedback

5. Be you

6. Identify your network

7. Be prepared to discuss your book or soon to be book with EVERYONE

8. Create an email roster

9. Create a video introducing yourself

10. Use hashtags

***ALERT**** We are looking for Beta Readers! If you love to read, we need your support.

Party Time- not really but it is celebration time! Plant the Seeds Well... Expect Wonders is scheduled to be released March 23 and yes we will celebrate. Stay tuned for details.

Last but not least, we will be accepting manuscript submissions beginning March 1. Get those manuscripts as clean and read as possible. Reach out to an editor and have them help you clean it up.

Connect with us (1010 Publishing and Nury) on social media!!!

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