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Get to know our featured author: Daisy Torres

Daisy is a novice (soon to be published) author with 1010 Publishing. She is an educator and through a children's realistic fiction story will share the love she had for her dog, Lily. The bilingual (English and Spanish) book will be a complimentary resource to any school or public library.

Each one of us has or will go through the painful time in our lives when we have lost someone we have dearly loved. In our society, our pets are our family. Pets are loyal and loving, but most of all forgiving. This children's book will also be an assett in an elementary school's counselor's office. Be sure to connect with Daisy via our social media platforms as well as hers. She is an amazing lady and we cannot wait for you to get to know her too.


Link to Facebook page:

Link to Twitter page:

Her book, "I'll See You On The Bridge" is slated to be released on November 2019.

If you have questions for Daisy- feel free to ask away! Email us at or connect with us on all social media platforms via 1010Publishing.

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