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Easy tip on getting out of your writing rut!

So I almost missed this week...I've been super busy with my new position at work and I'm getting my floors re-done. That part actually makes me happy! I hope I can connect with you on social media. Look me up and let's chat.

I found out that in 2016 a report came out and it stated that 1 out of 5 "Fortune 500" companies were founded by immigrants!!! What? That's amazingly awesome! Even thought immigrants have hovered around 10% of the population since 1850s.

I have a company too, it's called 1010 Publishing. My tip this week is to listen to music. heard me (read) right. Listening to classical music has proven to help engage your creativity. I personally listen to some while writing. Talking about writing, my second book has gone to the editor and I'm super happy!

I did an interview with Peruanos sin Fronteras, so shout out to Janet. It's an online show in Peru. Cool right? Also this Sunda I will be in Chamblee at the Peruvian Festival. YUMMY!!! Oh and there will be cultural dances and arts/crafts too. On August 4 the Latin American Association will be hosting an Educational Fair from 10 am - 2pm at the Infinte Energy Center on Sugarloaf Parkway in Gwinnett. I will be presenting about "10 Things Parents Should Know"all under the context of schools in the USA. Come out and check me out. Have a simply amazing week everyone!!!

Remember to tell your self you love yourself at least once a day!!!

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