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Dual Language and Bilingualism ...

Being a bilingual person, by no choice of my own...I would agree... being bilingual is AWESOME! Today I share all of the benefits (I know of - I'm sure there are more) with you. Everything from being confident, which means everything to a child to being aware of other cultures. Being bilingual opens doors for you whether it is social or professionally.

Dual Language is becoming more evident even here in Georgia. I personally know the program specialist for world languages here in GA, his name is Patrick Wallace and he does an amazing job connecting with the community, schools and educators. It is a privilige to know someone so dedicated.

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This week's tip for novice writers is to PLAN. Planning helps your organize your thoughts, find the reasoning behind what you write, visualize your plot, get to know your characters even do not skip the planning phase, one way or another you will have to do it. I encourage you to do it first vs going back to clean it up. Time yourself, then start planning. You can't get to where you're going unless you know where you're headed.

Let's meet up! July 17-18 I will be at the Dual Language Immersion Conference at the Douglas County High School. Registration is free until Thursday. See you there!

July 29 I will be at the Georgia Peru Festival

Location: La Mansion Events Banquet Hall5522 New Peachtree Rd, Chamblee, Georgia 30341 STARTS at noon! Come enjoy some food, dancing, music and everything PERU!!!

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