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Plyler v. DOE + my new book!!!!

Shout out to Dr. Jose Medina, the Director of Global Language & Cultural Education. He inspired me to focus my blog this week on the hashtag #iConfess. YUP!!! #iConfess that I am proud to be bilingual. I am proud to be Latina. I am proud to speak Spanish AND English. Like I tell most people...that's just my super power. Whether you're monolingual, bilingual or even a blessed polyglot... YOU are special. Period. Done. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

The entire movement was inspired by the 1982 Supreme Court decision making sure that states cannot constitutionally deny students a free, public education because of the child's immigration status. It's a federal law.

I also share about how important a foundation in writing is. If you are interested in refreshing your writing skills here's a website I found with 25 free online writing courses:

Last but not least, my next book is currently under content review and should be ready for technical review within a week. Then it's off to getting the book cover done. Aaaahhh!!! I'm super excited!!! This book is under the self-help category. The content focuses on tips and advice to parents on how to manage this thing we call parenting in the 21 st century. My goal is to help other parents by engaging them in honest conversations about what we can all do to support our children as we guide them in their daily lives.

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