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So first things first, I am pretty tired...yup! I went to Chicago to watch my son walk across the stage. I'm super proud but simultaneously I'm super bummed. He's officially an adult and yeah well I am not sure I love that. He's always been a great kid and I know as an adult it will be no different. When I returned I googled Latinos + Chicago. I found out that last year Latinos surpassed all of the minorities in numbers. So there are more Latinos in Chicago than any other minority. Who knew!

Are you writing? I hope so. This week's advice is about fiction books or novels. When introducting a character think about how you get to know someone in real life. You don't just know everything about them from the start. You get to know people little by little. Well it's no different in books you read. It's best to get to know characters little by little too. So introduce your characters one a time and slowly share details about each of them.

This week is busy, mostly because we are closing out the school year but also because it is (drum roll please) Teacher Appreciation Week!!!! So thank a teacher ASAP. Talking about schools, I will be visiting a school district on Monday. I will be sharing my book with lots of young kiddos and I cannot wait to see them. Florida Bound!

Have an amazing week! Send any immigrants that came to the USA as 8-12 year olds my way. Find me on FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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