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It's voting time!

Believe it or not, it's voting season... I learned that out of the 127,000 Latinos in the state of Georgia, only 2.3% are registered to vote. That's roughtly 2, 921... does that even sound right? So out of 5.4 MILLION (yup I capitalized that on purpose) registered voters less than 3,000 are Latinos. I do believe knowledge is power, so I look forward to information about candidates and the voting power spreads like wildfire.

So regardless of your party affiliation or candidate...go out and vote! Take a friend too!

This week's advice to all of the writers out there is to type on a computer that is NOT hooked up to the inernet. You're wondering if that's even possible right? Well, it better be for your sake. Trust me when I tell you that writing (typing) on a computer that has access, literally access to the entire world is a bit challenging. It can be darn right distracting. I mean just from the time I started typing up this blog I have already checked Twitter twice... smh.

I have spent some time writing an article for UNMAZE.ME an online magazine and I'm just about ready to submit. Plus tomorrow I have the opportunity to present in front of the GCPS ESOL Dept. I get to share my story and my book! I'm super excited abou that.

Lots more coming up and I will share a little at a time. Do you know an immigrant who came to the USA as a child? I'd love to talk to him / her. Email me at

Have you had a chance to vote for my bilingual, children's book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl"? PLEASE (pretty please) help me spread the word. I would really appreciate your support.

Last, but not least- if you know of a school who might be interested in a us connect!

Have an amazing week! Be sure to check out my interview on "Beauty is More Than Skin Deep" with Dana Weeks!

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