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Wow! I'm super excited to have the opportunity to be among some really cool authors! I would really appreciate your support in voting for my book... "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl"

Today I also share about quinoa...have you heard of it? Ever try it? It's a grain and you can substitute it for rice or even other grains like grits. It's origination is Peru and Bolivia. It's been grown in the Andes Mountains since about 5,000 BCE.

Puno and Cusco- Lake Titicaca which is located in Peru (well mostly) some of Lake Titicaca is in Bolivia. People in the region have been eating it and using it to sustain them for thousands of years. Since about 2006 Europe and the USA have found this superfood, so now the grain is in high demand and that means the people who have depended on the grain for nutrition don't have the access they are accustomed to. 54% of Peru lives in the poverty level, so it is definitely necessary there. I am hopeful those in power will see the injustice and work out a balanced plan so that the grain can be shared but also be available to the indigenous people of Peru.

Guess what I read this week? That kids like printed books more than ebooks. I'm happy about that because I like printed books better too. Want to read about it? Here's the link

If you are thinking of writing a book...just know I am here for you. Ask me questions, I'm here to help. Have an amazing week!

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