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Shout out to Gadsden Co. Schools! #FL

Shout out to Gadsden County Schools! I loved visiting Greensboro ES and West Gadsden MS. I truly enjoyed my visit...thanks guys!

Hey guys connect with me!

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Twitter: 3585Milestobea1

YouTube & LinkedIn: Nury Castillo Crawford

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I hope each of you enjoyed your Spring Break! Don't forget to read to your kids! If you're working on a manuscript, take a notepad with you everywhere you go. I'm actually in the process of finalizing my second one, so if you're interested in volunteering to read it PLEASE let me know! I would like 3 or 4 volunteers.

Last but not least, did you know that immigration has been on a decline since 1972 and that our neighbors from Mexico have higher numbers in leaving the USA vs entering?

Let's keep in touch!!! Much love- Nury

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