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Today, let's talk about self-publishing

I share my brief list of pros and cons with self-publishing. Oh and guess what? I am going to start adding a quick tidbit of immigrant contributions to our country...starting with tomorrow's special day. Yup! Tomorrow is National Popcorn Day aaannndd.... popcorn originated in (drum roll please) Mexico!! I love all kinds of popcorn and I bet you do too! So thank you Mexico.

Do you have a book in mind? Are you just about done writing it? Today I talk about self-publishing and also encourage you to send me an email if you're ready to submit your manuscript. All genres are currently being accepted at I will personally respond and share some feedback with you, even if you don't choose 1010 Publishing for your publishing needs.

This weekend I will be engaging with two different audiences:

1. WCAT Radio Talk via an app "Free Conference" or listen in on http://wcanradio.usa

2. Ameican Hispanics Radio >>>> here's the link

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