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18.2% of the USA is bilingual. (let that marinate)

When I view this video found on I smile...this is exactly one of the many reasons why I feel so passionate about this book. It's not just MY book, it's a story that can be shared with many. In this video, a monolingual Spanish speaking grandmother is reading the story side by side with her monolingual English speaking granddaughter. The little girl not being bilingual is another story, which I CANNOT judge. We will discuss that at a later time. I reminisce on the days when my mom would ask me what I was reading at school and I would willingly tell her, but we couldn't connect with the story like this grandmother and granddaughter are doing. It's a beautiful picture to me, with the increase of bilingual Spanish/English speaking people in our country. The latest numbers project 11.6 million! That's a lot of people. 41 million people in the USA are native Spanish speakers...which means the USA has more Spanish speaking people than Spain...Woah!!! That's huge!

Take a glance at the worldwide data...400 MILLION people speak Spanish spread out over 21 countries. I would say without a doubt that being bilingual is not a bad thing. Remember that blog where I shared a list of words that were the same or similar in English and Spanish? Maybe you should go back to that list today. That could most definitely be your new year's resolution.

Buena suerte amigos! Ahora para practicar el lenguage.

Con amor-


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