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What's for dinner?

If you're a mom then I'm pretty sure you've heard this multiple times. Well fast forward to your kid being a teenager. Mine happens to be 6'3" and is a senior in high school. Every single day kinda like clock work or like someone is paying him to do so, he texts me around 4 PM while I'm still at work. Actually 4PM is usually when we have an announcement on the intercom that lets us know the workday is almost over. Well his texts are pretty much the same, "Mom what's for dinner". Sometimes he swtiches it up a little bit and asks, "Hi mom, what are you cooking for dinner?" I don't know if you realize yet or not, but I'm what you would call a planner. I like to plan ahead for just about everything and anything. So when it comes to dinner that falls in line. Back in the day when the three boys were still living at home I would prep everything on Sunday. We would go to church, grab a bite to eat and then I'd get home and prep for the entire week. I would have ziploc sandwich bags with fruit for our morning smoothies, boiled eggs for the salads, and seasoned, marinated meats for dinner. Many times I was the crockpot queen. Now it's just one son left at home. So dinner is not the big event that it used to be. Nevertheless, I still like to cook dinner for him. I've shared several times to my friends, that cooking dinner for my son makes me feel like I'm still an okay mom. Trust me I don't get carried away and think I'm #1 Mom or anything. I know I could do better, but at least cooking dinner in my mind makes it all better.

So tonight, I made homemade mac & cheese and grilled salmon with a side salad. It was delicious and after all he does love to have seafood at least once a week. In two days or so I will make him his shrimp skewers with lemon butter garlic pasta.

My entire adult life I've tried my best to make each moment count. You see, I might not ever get a second chance at this again. Soon he will be gone to college. I hope, that like his brothers, he will send me a text from time to time, like his oldest brother did today, " I want some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, etc." My reply, " YUP! Of course!"

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