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Ever thought about fostering a child?

I have always thought about fostering a baby. I had my first child while still in college, so I always knew I'd be done with my kids at a reasonably young age. I use the term "done" loosely since I know I really won't ever be done. Well I figured, what will I do now that my youngest son will soon be headed off to college? Will I have lots of time on my hands?

I think of all of the babies out there. The ones that need a mom, a family...but mostly a mom. I know I sound a bit partial and don't get me wrong, I know from experience that dads are very important; but there sure is something to say about a mom. A mother's love is like no other. When all else fails, who can you count on? Your mom! I believe I still have some love left to give to a young child.

I love babies, like 2 and under. Today I was talking to some colleagues and one of them is having her daughter's two year old birthday this week. I remember those days. Birthday cake and having family over. I loved those terrible two years because like I shared earlier, mine were never terrible (I might be a little biased). We talked about dressing up for Halloween. I love all of those times and if I foster a baby I could help a child live those special moments.

On the other hand I could just write another book.

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