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Is music important?

Music is imporant for many reasons to me. Immediately I think about how so many people express themselves through music. That's why we have so many different genres. One of my mom's favorite singers was Ava Allyon. Some Saturday mornings my mom would wake up and play this song as she started her day of chores. I think of those days. Early in the morning, I'd walk out of my bedroom and my mom would be singing "Asi es mi Peru" so passionately. I think she was really missing home those days. Here's a link to the song:

Another reason music might be deemed important is because it is used as a means of communicating how we feel. Have you ever felt kind of lost? Well specific songs can help you communicate how you feel. A couple of songs come to mind. One specifically is "Open up my heart" by Yolanda Adams When I feel like I have a lot of things going on in my mind and I need to clear my head I play this song on You Tube. Then I take an hour or so to meditate. Reflect on what I have to do and the choices I have to make.

Last, but not least music brings people together. Are you wondering who that lady is on the picture? Her name is Susana Baca. She's a singer from Peru. She's internationally known as a singer-songwriter, school teacher, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and two-times Latin Grammy Award winner. An ethnomusicologist is someone who studies music for its cultural context. Due to Susana being from Peru and being focused with her music, she has been able to highlight the nation and bring people closer. Many Peruvians already have a large sense of pride for the country, but Susana has been able to bring everyone closer. Here's a song.

My routine daily includes listening to music. If I don't get enough, I play it when I get to my office. Some of my friends could attest to that.

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