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You're a leader...What's your focus?

Do you focus on each individual's strengths or weaknesses? Many individuals tend to focus not only on their own individual weaknesses but they tend to focus on others' weaknesses as well. When you focus on a weak area, which by the way we all have them, just a little bit of effort can make an obvious improvement. Let's say you are a terrible public speaker. Your time management truly needs a lot of work. You're late, you make excuses why you're late and you ask for extra time when the presentation is about over. Well, if you focus on improving this area, then all you'd really have to do is be on time. Then immediately others would notice, "Wow! She's gotten a lot better! She is definitely on time now." Do you see how focusing on something you're not your best in can make you feel like you've made a huge improvement?

On the other hand, let's say you're a good writer. Others have told you that you communicate effectively via written narratives. Well, then you should focus on your writing. You should make an area that you're proficient in even better. You can make your writing more clear, use your writing as a prime means of communication, steer away from public speaking and connect with others via your writing. The more you engage in writing, the better your craft becomes. You stay away from public speaking and get better at your writing.

So this year, focus more on getting better at a thing or two that you're already pretty good at. Research ways to get better at it and then do it.

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