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Did someone say Publishing Launch Party?

Okay- well first of all I really have never heard of such an event. That's the truth! That may be because I don't know too many authors in my personal circle. I did go to a gathering a few years back and the host had a small table where his book was being sold; but he didn't do a speech, the invitations mentioned nothing about the book, etc.

Now that my first book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl"; which happens to be a children's book, is scheduled to be released in December, I'm getting super excited. I talked to a few college girlfriends over the past two weeks and they have told me about hosting a Publishing Launch Party. Well, since they are college friends I figured they just wanted a .... (drum roll) PARTY. Well, to my surprise, apparently there is such a thing. I took some time this past week to look at different ways authors have celebrated the monumental occassion and I do believe I can make it happen. I really don't know that many people, but I'm thinking (crossing my fingers) that my friends will rally and invite those they know to come celebrate my book.

So some authors have rented white tents and catered a champagne accompanied by hors d’oeuvres served by waiters. Others have hosted sit down dinners and yet others have hosted an open bar, hors d'oeuvres and book reading. I definitely will need to make up my mind.

Just like any other goal, planning will be essential. This is what I am thinking as I plan:

  1. The Budget- How much money am I willing to spend on this event?

  2. The Venue- Some people host their party at a bookstore, but I'm thinking of a private location.

  3. Date and Time- This is going to be crucial because the book comes out in December and MOST people are super busy during the month of December. Aaahhh!!!!

  4. Decor- Simple but classy.

  5. Entertainment- I will need to think of a great you know of one? Oh I'd love Gritz & Jelly Butter!!! I absolute love that live band!!!

  6. Have copies of book- It would be pretty insane not to have enough copies.

  7. Use the media- This would include media and social media. It would be cook if I knew how to invite the local newspaper or tv network, right?

  8. RSVP List- Invite friends and encourage friends to invite friends too, but we will need a total so we know how much food / drinks we will need.

  9. Capture the memories- I'll have a few friends assigned to photography duty.

  10. Signed copies- I think maybe have a small table to sign the book and maybe even have an area with signed books. Some people might not want to wait.

  11. Prizes - I already have a few items in mind, they relate to the book. As a matter of fact I will be speaking with a key player with this part later this evening.

  12. Sign In Book- It needs to include an area to add an address, so I can send thank you notes for attending.

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