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Is there such a thing as work and life balance?

Recently I read a blog that reiterated that there was no such thing as a work-life balance style. I don't think I can actually agree with that. In said blog, the writer noted that you should have your life and work blend together. Your work should be your passion, so it is almost like not working. Don't get me wrong, I'm in the profession I truly believe is my calling. I have never imagined myself in any other type of profession...but I am 100% on the thought of work and life balance. I believe in being present at work and getting things accomplished each and every single day. Especially since I work with people's lives. I take it as a huge responsibility. The impact and influence I can have on the future. Simultaneously, I believe in leaving work and taking care of myself and those I love. Spending time with family and friends, enjoying my hours, days, and even weeks off (during the summer). Who's to say some of my colleagues can't be my friends? No one and I can honestly say that there are people at work that I consider my friends. They are kind and unselfish. They are willing to listen and be comforting. I can remember my first year, I will never forget those individuals that were so welcoming and kind to me. They probably don't even know how much I appreciate them, even now.

Have you ever seen the poster that talks about:

- Work is neverending

- Work is important, but so is YOUR loved ones

-If you fail in life, YOUR loved ones will help you

-Time management skills will help you set goals and meet them

-You went to college to become a professional not a machine

I can certainly tell you that even if we stay at work every day late, until 9PM, the next day there will be at least one new task. So you'll never not need to be there. Especially in the profession I'm in.

So be present- at work when you're at work and in your personal life with your loved ones too. You deserve to be happy, so a healthy balance will help you.

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