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Another restless night?

I don't know about you, but as far as sleep and I go...well let me tell you "we have a thing going on". Yep, when I was young, I'm talking about like five years old young. Well let's say naps and I really weren't seeing eye to eye. Nowadays though it is a different story. "Dear Naps, I realize I didn't love and appreciate you when I was a mere child, but I want you to know that now, I love you!" Yep! It's that serious.

Honestly, naps, sleep, slumber, siesta, beauty rest, so on and so forth are quite the priority in my life. I have the Do Not Disturb activated on my iPhone from 9PM - 7AM. So no one can disturb me while I get some Zzzzzs. It's quite serious, I can readily recall replying to friends' invitations to outings with, "Oh sorry my pillow and I have a date".

So why then did I chose this topic as a blog? It somewhat makes no sense...let me update you. I've been wearing an arm brace for a few weeks now. It's an old "anew" injury on my wrist, a tendon was afflicted about 19 1/2 years had been fine without incident until about 3 weeks ago. Which all brings me back to this restless topic. Now I wake up almost every night and it takes me more than thirty minutes to get back to sleep. Therefore I looked up reasons for being restless, most reasons have to do with worry and overthinking things; but also due to pain. Recently, I woke up around 1AM and my wrist was in a lot of pain. I truly am hoping this brace I'm constantly wearing....errr I mean I mostly wear...ummmm I wear at least 50% of the time....well if I can I wear it throughout the day...well I hope it works and it helps.

(just kidding- I'm wearing it night and day- I live it 24/7 and I'm not happy).

Plus I'm old or older now and since school has begun I have had a lot on my mind. That morning that I woke up around 1AM, I actually got a lot of work done. Of course once the alarm rang, after I had fallen back asleep, I was exhausted!

Based on what your doctor recommends, if you share with him or her, I hope whatever remedy is prescribed works and you get some sleep. As for me, I drink ginger tea to help with the inflamation of my wrist, hoping it will lessen the chances of it hurting. Clear your head and relax...get your beauty sleep on!

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