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What does it take to be a leader?

If you're an effective boss, you tell people what to do and they do it. At the same time, the majority of those same people would not follow you, they would probably rate you at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of leadership- you're not consistent in motivating them or inspiring them to do more and become more, like the meme notes.

In my opinion, in order to lead others LOYALTY is on the top of the list. I think of those in the military, your team has to be confident that you will watch out for them. If bullets start flying all over the place your team needs to know you will take one for them. You will warn them and defend them at all costs. Your team has to feel supported and safe with you.

Some of the most critical times to be a present with your team and reflect loyalty is through change. Transitional times can be challenging times if the team doesn't know what the heck is going on. As the leader you must COMMUNICATE and let the team know what's going on. You must communicate and share your vision and insitll those you lead to make that vision part of their vision too. That's true leadership being able to transfer your energy and passion to your team.

As a leader you have to be in a mental state of being a SERVANT LEADER and SACRIFICE for your team. As a leader you have to live John C. Maxwell 's quote, "Everything rises and falls under leadership". Which means if the team is doing well it's because they're awesome (okay you might have a tiny little bit to do with it); but if the team is not doing so well then you're not leading them very well.

So what else can you do? Be part of the team, and take one for the team! It should be part of your daily repertoire.

So remember to communicate and be honest. Encourage and believe in your team. Be consistently sincere and have lots of fun with your team-- daily!

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