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Are you afraid?

Before you start re-evaluating my stance on life, you might want to go back a few days and read my post about being a scaridy cat. I can definitely relate to being afraid of unknown outcomes or even unknown processes. I think I mentioned I'm an administrator at a school, so I think that might align to having some control...( I said some). Having said that, I might like it when there's structure and control in an environment. Well, anyway, all of this thinking about taking risks made me start thinking about my childhood. My first book, 3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" is about a little girl, inspired by my own journey, who moves to the USA with her family. They speak no English and she his enrolled in a public school. I thought...Wow! that little girl (me) was really brave!I recall those days where neighboring children would come up to my aunt and uncle's yard after school and ask to play with me and my little sitster. I would eagerly run outside, my sister not so much. I remember watching the kids' mouths move and I heard sounds coming out, but I knew not a signle word. Apparently that wasn't enough to stop me from playing. I guess I pretended to know what they were saying and they pretended I understood too. All that pretending led to us somehow playing. You know when they say a smile, a laugh, a hug are part of the universal vocabulary list? I believe it. I am thankful for those kids in Columbus, IN. They were pretty nice.

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