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Poor Oreo!

The week before teachers arrive and school starts for my own young men (I wanted to say boys...but I have to get used to acknowledging they're all young men now), I feel like I'm a running around like a chicken with my head cut off! So yesterday as I was leaving for work I let Oreo go outside to do his "business". Well the little rascal decided that it was the right time to play and just run down the street vs what he is supposed to do- which is do his business and come back in the house. Well, I called and called him to no avail. I looked up and down the building. I was now running late for work and began to literally have a headache, knowing I had to leave. As I walked to my car I text both my closest neighbors and shared my dilemma. They both assured me they'd look out for my Oreo. Needless to say I left. Later on during the day I received a text from one of my neighbors alerting me that Oreo was okay and he had been fed. THANK GOODNESS for good neighbors!!! Oreo is officially in trouble, but surprisingly it appears he's put himself in time out. (Shrugs shoulders).

Hopefully next time he will behave and not run away, expecting me to chase him. One thing I must admit is, that I already knew I loved Oreo, but this definitely confirmed to me that he really is more than a pet...he's family.

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