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Like "Squirt" in the Nemo movie...

Well so far today I've certainly proven that I am not completley ready to go back to work...ha ha ha! I woke up early as usual- but I had to get dressed and I don't mean sweats & t-shirt, I mean dress & heels kind of dressed. Today we welcomed our new teachers (which is always awesome). They all seemed like a bunch of great people. I love that! I hope we all get a chance to connect as the days for school to start draw closer. I wanted to chat on this blog for a quick minute, then I need to write a few emails back to a couple prospective media connections. I'm hoping to be able to share my book with as many people as possible via all forms of media. So if you know a radio station or television station I can connect with PLEASE let me know. Last night, a good friend and neighbor came by and took my picture. I wanted to get a professional one done but a family situation came up during the available time. I was embarrased to call the photographer back again after cancelling. Plus it is a bit expensive. I think Jennifer, my neighbor did a really good job. Like the picture I posted, I just wanted to relax, but I couldn't.

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