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Marketing-social media

Welcome & Thirsty Thursdays!!!

It's the beginning of May 2020; and life as we knew it is definitely not the norm. Due to all of these uncertainties we are hosting Thirsty Thursdays at 7PM on Facebook. Two parts to this, first to support writers, illustrators, etc. novice and veteran and the other reason is to hopefully help readers connect with all of us. Each one of us must take care of our mental health and this can be done in multiple ways including writing, reading and connecting with others. So grab a drink of your choice and I'll see you Thursdays at 7PM on Facebook.

Manuscript Submissions

Our window is open fro March 1 - August 1. We are still searching for that perfect story that is relevant to our growing list of readers and one that helps us tell the story of the world around us. Do you have that story? Share it with us... we look forward to reading it and providing you some feedback.

Need Help?

If you need help with a developmental editor because you're not sure if your story is flowing just right or you would like some professional feedback, we have a team of editors that would be more than happy to help you. Email us at THIS is a fee based service. You do not need to go through this step prior to submitting your manuscript to us.

Marketing Woes...

We will try to focus on a tip or two every month that revolves around marketing. As you may or may not know publishing presses do not necessarily focus on marketing that is why they normally sign on authors who already have a following. Investing on someone that does not have a following or fan base can be costly. It is not personal, it is just the way the business goes.

Today's tip is to be ENGAGED on social media. It doesn't mean just post and walk away. It means respond to others' posts, post your own content, share others and highlight other authors or creative minds too. Your fan base will grow little by little but it will be worth it.

From time to time you can mention your book(s)...but not every single time. You don't want to be "spammy" people will delete you quick if they think you're only selling your book(s).

Check us out and connect with us social media. Stay safe!

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